Saturday, February 9, 2013

Writing against my will

Some days I have to force myself to sit at my desk and write. I know how the story that I'm writing ends, and where I am now, but sometimes it's just hard to figure out what's in between. It doesn't help that I write in the evenings and weekends only since I have a regular job. Or that I have a Link to the Past (possibly my favorite Zelda) downloaded in the wii.

Strangely, if I'm AT work and have nothing better to do all I can think of is my story. I write down plot points and ideas in calc sheets. But then I get home and I'm tired. I want to watch a movie or just read someone else's book.

But I open the document and force myself to get to it. Sometimes I write something crappy that I have to delete later, but sometimes I discover something brilliant! Just put the pen to the paper... fingers to the keyboard, whatever... and see what happens. If I do something awesome today, I'll write about it in my blog next.