Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer. Finally.

Summer is finally here! Well, technically it starts this Saturday on the solstice. But I live in Chicago, where we only get winter, a few months of summer, a month of Fall if we're lucky, and what's that other one? Spring? Hahahahaha no. When the better part of the year is cold and nasty, we tend to go crazy with the sun, and say summer is here the second we get anything above 65 degrees. Actually, true northerners may say that about 60 degrees... but I'm from the south (the way south) so forgive me for still wearing a sweater when it's 60 out.

But enough about the weather. My author friend Christin Haws ( enlisted me to do a blog hop about my writing process, and I'll have that next week on Thursday for your reading pleasures. In the meantime check out her blog; she did hers this week!

Wait. Let's go back to talking about the weather. The arrival of sunny days inspires me to work (in the form of impending deadlines and doom). So this is me getting back in the writing chair. I'm going to do a free books promo in the upcoming weeks (Resurgence is always free!) and I'm embarrassed because I still haven't finished that sequel I promised you. So I may just have to post more teaser chapter stuff! Bear with me!

PS – for no reason at all, a cat picture. Here's my kitty Ripley; see the look of love on her face... you can tell she adores me.

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